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Free the Textbook is a nationwide initiative that calls on college and university leaders, educators and students to closely examine the fine print of their automatic billing programs and make sure they are inclusive of ALL students. Automatic billing programs, also called “Inclusive Access” or “Day One Access”, can be cost-efficient for institutions or organizations, but leave out students with the most critical need.

“Affordable” textbooks aren’t enough for everyone. For many of today's students, $100 might as well be $1,000—they need that money for food, rent or transportation for themselves and the families they support.

So we’re calling on you to act—let’s use free textbooks first.

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Are you one of the many people who want to #FreetheTextbook across the nation? We’re stronger in numbers. Share why you want more free open educational resources (OER) and textbooks available instead of automatic billing.

isn’t actually free.

Free is the only truly affordable price for all students. Every school should have free (actually free, not free with an asterisk) textbooks and OER now, giving every student the opportunity to succeed.


of university students are food insecure and housing insecure (Wisconsin Hope Lab #Real College Survey).


of students skip meals so they can pay for course materials and 90% of students are worried that forgoing class materials will negatively impact their grade (U.S. PIRG, Fixing the Broken Textbook Market)

FreetheTextbook Flier FreetheTextbook Flier

We want to make sure students, faculty and administrators are asking the right questions, like:

  • Does your automatic billing program give students enough time to figure out if they need to opt-out, or does it rush them into deciding before they even understand their options?
  • Does your textbook program have affordable e-textbooks, but sky-high print textbooks?
  • Does it include costs up front on course listings (including lab fees and additional materials) so students can plan for what they might need to pay?

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Your education is your future. Talk to your campus leaders to discourage automatic billing and promote free textbooks first.

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Students are counting on you to take a stand. Join this national initiative that’s shaking up the textbook industry and giving every student the opportunity to succeed.

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